Freedom Leather Co

At Freedom Leather Co., we believe that every piece of leather tells a story. Founded by a recently disabled fireman, our company is dedicated to crafting custom-made leather goods that blend timeless craftsmanship with personal resilience. Each item is meticulously handcrafted, reflecting the same dedication and attention to detail that our founder once applied to saving lives.

Our collection includes bespoke wallets, belts, bags, and accessories, all made from the finest quality leather. We take pride in offering unique, durable, and stylish products that stand the test of time. By choosing Freedom Leather Co., you're not just purchasing a product; you're supporting a journey of strength, recovery, and a passion for craftsmanship.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of heroism and craftsmanship. Discover the story behind every stitch at Freedom Leather Co.

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Liberty Bee & Botanicals

Liberty Bee & Botanicals was born from resilience and a love for nature. After our founder, underwent spinal surgery, our family came together with a shared passion to create something truly special. This venture is not just a business but a testament to the strength and unity of our family, driven by a deep appreciation for bees, botanicals, and heirloom vegetables.

We offer a range of meticulously crafted products including artisanal honey, natural skincare items, and a variety of botanical creations. Each product reflects our love for sustainable and high-quality ingredients sourced directly from nature. Our heirloom vegetable seeds and produce celebrate the rich, diverse flavors of traditional gardening, bringing the best of nature to your table.

At Liberty Bee & Botanicals, every item is a labor of love, dedication, and resilience. By choosing our products, you're supporting a family’s journey of recovery and a commitment to the natural world.

Join us in celebrating the harmony of heroism and nature. Discover the story and passion behind every product at Liberty Bee & Botanicals.

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