September 8, 2020

Embracing the times


Weddings in 2020....

It's been a nightmare for my couples. So many changes. So many plans changed. So many visions abruptly halted. But let me tell you something about 2020 weddings. I LOVE THEM. It's scaling back, inviting small groups, close friends, more time for laughter, less hustle an bustle and more LOVE. It's actually been pretty magical. I work just as hard, but the focus has changed. Less on the show and more about the LOVE. 2020 hasn't been a loss. It's made us all slow down a bit. It's taken us back to what matters...each other. It's been pretty fantastic if you ask me.

Elizabeth & Drew had plans for a large scale celebration, and what they ended up with was a perfect love story. So many things I don't like about 2020, but this change isn't one of them. Friends, family, light, and love. All of my favorites.

As always, thank you for letting me document such a beautiful day. Here's a quick preview!

love & light,